Outdoor Batting Cages in Waukesha

Softball and Baseball Pitching Machines to Practice Your Swing

Prairieville Park has a collection of batting cages for sports enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. With different speeds and settings, there are a wide variety available to test your skills. Our pitching machines are available for both softball and baseball batters.  (Has to be 55 degrees or warmer, and dry conditions to operate)


$1 = 12 pitches $10 = 11 rounds (132)

Helmets and bats provided on location if you do not have your own.

Our batting cages include:



Slow-Pitch Softball Machines Fast-Pitch Softball Machine Baseball Machines

The speeds of our 4 baseball machines are:

35 - 40 mph 55 - 60 mph 65 - 70 mph 75 - 80 mph

For members of high school or college baseball and softball teams, we recommend the higher speed machines. Younger players should begin with the slower cages to get used to the pitching style.

Softball and Baseball Coaches Special

Prairieville Park offers a Coach's Special. As long as you have a minimum of 10 players, coaches who use our batting cages for their teams will receive 2 bonus rounds when they make a $30 purchase. This means a total of 35 rounds of 12 pitches each, an astounding 420 pitches for your players to practice against.  In order to get the coach's special, 48 hours notice is required.

Safety Suggestions for Batting Cages

Wear a helmet whenever you enter the cage. We use extensive fencing and netting to protect batters, though ricochet balls are fairly unpredictable. Helmets are available for use and come in XS, S, M, L and XL.

Only one person may be in each batting cage at a time. This is to prevent the risk of being hit by the batter or a foul ball. These pitching machines can reach anywhere between 35 and 80 miles per hour. Being hit by one of these balls can cause serious injury, especially for young kids. Stay off the plate to avoid being struck.

Each round has 12 pitches. For your safety, be sure to watch the individual lights on the machines before moving around the cage to avoid being hit by the final ball. You bat at your own risk.

More Outdoor Activities in Waukesha

Is someone in your party not a fan of baseball? They can enjoy a round of mini golf while they wait for the batters to finish.

Contact Prairieville Park to learn more about our Waukesha batting cages.