Mini Golf Menu Choices


Add some food to go with your golf round.

Playing on an empty stomach is never fun! Prairieville Park has a menu stuffed full of delicious food to keep you fully fueled while enjoying our outdoor attractions.
Prices subject to change.

Cousins® Party Sub
Party Pack (20) $70.00
Party Pack (12) $45.00
12" Pizzas
Cheese $9.00
Cheese & Sausage $10.00
Cheese & Pepperoni $9..00
Potato Salad
5lbs $20.00
More Choices
Chips (serves 20) $20.00
Can of Soda $1.00 each
Cookies (18 ct) $8.00


Assorted Soda  and Water

When it comes to refreshing beverages, we have a selection of soda, lemonade, Gatorade, coffee, hot chocolate, and water available.

Party and Food Set-up

If you would like to add food to your group outing, for an additional set up fee of $100 for the first 25 guests, and an additional $50 for every 25 additional guests, our staff will set up your party and food in a private room. We will cater what you would like for your main entrée and side dishes.  Just let us know your special requests.

Please, no carry-ins of food or beverages. Prices subject to change. All listed prices include taxes so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Learn more about our menu options and contact Prairieville Park.