18-Hole Adventure Golf Course

The 18-hole adventure mini golf course at Prairieville Park is where golfers of all ages get a chance to test their skills. Our course has water features including ponds, creeks, and  waterfalls. There is a large mountain at the center of the course and obstacles along the fairway to give you an exciting challenge.

Our course has many holes where you will have to plan your strokes carefully to avoid going over par. Unlike the fairways at full golf courses, mini golf places focus on putting. The winner is the player with the lowest amount of strokes.

Mini-Golf Pricing
Age Group Price  
Adult $12.00  
7-12 Year Old $11.00  
6 & Under $7.00  
Senior (65+) & Military $11.00  

Official Mini Golf rules at Prairieville Park

  1. Be considerate of others and enjoy your rounds
  2. No more than 4 in any group, 5 in a group is permitted as long as they can keep up with the group ahead of them
  3. Please do not tee off until group ahead has finished
  4. Please do not cut in front of other groups
  5. Lost balls replaced at clubhouse - 1 stroke penalty
  6. 1 stroke penalty if ball leaves fairway
  7. Ball may be moved putter head from rock edge - no penalty
  8. Ball nearest cup putts out first

Please stay on the marked paths and off of the flowers while playing.

Introduce Your Kids to Golf!

Before hitting the links, bring your kids to Prairieville Park for practice. Our carefully designed course will give them a great introduction to the basics of lining up a shot and carefully planning a putt.

When you visit our gift shop and clubhouse, we will help your children select a club best suited for their height. They can then select a golf ball in any color they want. There is a practice green before the first hole so your kids can get used to the feel and weight of their club. Then, it’s time to golf!

If you want to raise the difficulty for older kids, teach them about scoring under par. Each hole will give them a different challenge as they figure out how to complete the course with the least amount of strokes. When the game is over, add up your scores while enjoying Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream from our snack bar.

Miniature Golf Tournament Opportunities in Waukesha

Prairieville Park welcomes mini golf tournaments. These events are appropriate for corporate team building, family reunions, or just a competitive afternoon with friends.

Tournaments can be scheduled before our normal operating hours to give your group the time they need to play through. A team can have 4 to 5 players, depending on the total number of players for your group. Along with participation prizes, you may want to give awards for the lowest and the highest stroke count for an individual and/or team. Please call to schedule a tournament date.

Adventure Golf Suggestions

Occasionally, you’ll come across a hole you just can’t seem to beat. In many mini golf games, there is a six stroke limit to prevent getting stuck on a hole for too long. More experienced players may want to challenge themselves by limiting their total strokes to five instead.

Do not skip holes or play out of order. This can interfere with other players.  

Special Pricing for Golf Groups

Prairieville Park has special mini golf discounts for groups of 20 or more and groups of more than 50. Our group rates can be applied for groups wanting just a round of mini golf or in combination with a round in the batting cages. Advanced 48-hour reservations are required. Group rates are only offered Monday through Thursday. See group rates to find out if your group meets the requirements.

Contact Prairieville Park for more information on our Waukesha mini golf course.