Bumper Car Rides in Waukesha

Fast and Fun Outdoor Activity for Kids and Adults

Experience the thrill of our bumper cars at your next birthday party or corporate event. Each car can spin a full 360° and has levers to control steering. Take on your friends and family with a high speed spin on our bumper car pad!

These bumper cars are specially designed to keep riders safe while having fun. The inflated bumper tube prevents injuries from collisions. This outdoor activity is perfect for children, teens, and adults alike. Kids love the opportunity to take control of their own vehicle, so don’t be surprised if they beg for another ride as soon as the first is over.

Riders are required to fill out a release to enjoy the bumper cars. Children under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian signature. Download a bumper car release form or sign up at our Waukesha location.


Bumper Car Ride Prices*
Mon - Thurs Fri - Sat & Holidays
$6.00 $6.00

Bumper Car Requirements for Kids

Children must be at least 44” tall to ride. We do not allow multiple people per bumper car or lap rides for smaller children. This is for the safety of your kids, as a collision could cause them to fall off. Children under 18 must have a parent sign their release waiver.

Bumper Car Requirement for Adults

For your safety, only one person is allowed to ride each bumper car. Individuals with health restrictions may want to sit this activity out. Back or neck injuries could be aggravated by jarring collisions. We do not allow pregnant women to ride. Adult riders must be under 275 pounds to ride.

*Price is per rider. Each ride is 4 minutes long.

Safety Suggestions for All Riders

The safety belt is required for riders of all ages. Our cars are able to rotate a full 360 degrees, so you could be bumped from any direction. A seatbelt will keep you securely in place no matter where a collision occurs.

Put away your cell phone, camera, wallet, purse and other personal belongings securely to avoid dropping them during your ride. The last thing you want is to drop your phone while trying to take a selfie. Food and drink are not allowed on the pad.

Adventure at Prairieville Park

After your bumper car ride, enjoy a round of adventure golf or take a swing at our batting cages. We offer combo prices to make all 3 attractions more affordable. Your mini golf and bumper car ride must be completed on the same day, though your round in the batting cage can be completed on another visit.

Whether you want a chance to experience the thrill of the bumper cars or have a whole outdoor party planned, Prairieville Park is the place to go! Visit our Waukesha location for a day of fun you’ll never forget.

Contact Prairieville Park to learn more about our Waukesha bumper car rides.